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  1. Primero, me parece que yo no me he documentado mal, sino que seguramente precisas una segunda lectura del mismo artículo para ver como se dice explicitamente que el castúo está reconocido por la SIL.Antes de que vayas a “documentarte”, la SIL es un organo cuasi-subsidiario de la UNESCO y por lo tanto reconocida por la misa.Te “documento”, que el Castúo está catalogado como algo diferente al Bable, y espero que la lucha por este dialecto no derive en “comunidades elegidas” “juegos florales” o “partimiento de troncos a hachazos”.

  2. well usually the symptoms beginning two weeks after conception. Symptoms include breast tenderness, fatigue, light cramping (implantation), implantation bleeding, food cravings, nausea, headaches and backaches, frequent urination, darkening of the areolas. Women are different though. Some May get each the symptoms while others don’t get any of them at all. The best way to find out if you are pregnant is a home pregnancy test. luck !

  3. So much of fuel economy is HOW you drive, not WHAT you drive.I recently drove 600 kms (~400 miles) and used 76 litres (~19 US gallons) of fuel – mainly because I was – errr – "in a hurry".When I drove the reverse route I set the cruise control to the speed limt plus 10%, and let the car run – I used 50 litres of fuel for the same distance.I calculate that to be ~32 mpg on the highway – from a 5 litre V8.

  4. You guys need to ask yourselves if you don't have rather redneck blinders on to reality. I see more bias in your viewpoint than the most ardent anti-nuclear proponent has. To deny the seriousness of the situation verges on irrational.Again I invite you to move to Fukushima and live your beliefs. Probably they won't let you take your elephant but they might allow a troop of blue collar baboons…

  5. anonimas keista, kad paminejai galaxy S2, nes jo garso kokybe tikrai nieko gero lyginant su dauguma konkurentu, o ka jau kalbet apie sena galaxy S su voodoo. Galaxy S3(nors ir man nepatinka)bet kaip ir senasis galaxy S turi wolfson cipa, kuris su voodoo gali S3 padaryti vienu geriausiu smartu jei svarbus “integruotas” garsas.Ir apskritai jungti tokias ausines prie bet kurio smarto be papildomo stiprinimo yra tiesiog siu ausiniu neisnaudojimas:)

  6. "I mean – I see Field deletes a number of comments, some of which I would believe from my own blog experience to be supposedly white posters using the same sort of racially pejorative language…"I have NEVER deleted a comment on this blog! EVER! If a comment is deleted it was deleted by the original poster. Just an FYI. Now carry on. 🙂

  7. anonymous,and the day that terrorists kill thousands of Americans in the name of Judaism, and the majority of American domestic terrorism comes out of synagogues, then your question will be valid

  8. some data seemed to be “fabricated,” a sin “as serious as it gets.” Meanwhile, the eminent primatologist Frans de Waal called the scientific impact of the affair “disastrous.”So far, there has been no comment from the monkeys in Hauser’s lab. But other primates have been speaking up — sometimes literally — in several recent books, and it turns out they have some unflattering things to say about the humans who love to watch, study and read about them. »

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